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An Experiment

Beginning now, I am going to post to Twitter (and through Twitter, to Facebook) from my long-underutilized blog here at counterpower.org. As the “Social” (read: monetized) Media Network scene suffers more threats of enclosure, I’m knuckling down and building up my home webspace.

What this means for you (if you care): If you *really* want to have a conversation with me, try replying to one of my posts. Old-timey, I know. Tell yourself it’s an exercise in artisanal, or even ironic, online communication. I will still read Twitter and catch @’s that way, though.

But since I get more interaction from acquaintances on Facebook, the disruption there will be comparatively greater. I’d like to dial down to minimal time there, checking only for events, replies and other content directed toward me. If you want to catch me quickly, reply to the relevant post or email michael(at)counterpower.org.

It’s an experiment. I might give up before the week is out. I may also finally dive into Identi.ca, or similarly Open Source network. Hell, maybe Diaspora!