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Oh You Have Got To Be Effing Kidding Me…

So, this morning I’m doing some maintenance at GPBK and I notice the contact phone number. Or rather I notice I don’t recognize it. I reached back through the mists of time to a previous regime and recalled we once had a voice mail service, that we let said voice mail service lapse. But maybe we updated the number after the vmail account collapsed? Oh no. It was the voicemail line, only now our former number has been delegated to some sleazy marketer with an AM Radio “Cash 4 Gold” voice.

Luckily I had a Google Voice account tucked away and that service includes free voice mail at a local number. Pretty handy! We even get voice mail notifications transcribed, texted and emailed to us now.

Care and feeding of the organization, my little chickadees! That is what will get you. You’re not a political organization if you’re not organized. That would make you simply political, and a bore at dinner.

In other news I secured meeting space for a GPBK local covering Greenpoint, Williansburg, Bed-Stuy, and Bushwick. First meeting is this Tuesday — continuing last Tuesdays of the month. I sent an eblast out announcing that, among other things this evening, which you can view here.

I’d like to try something, a scheduled web chat with Greens every Thursday night from 7pm-9pm Eastern Time. No idea who will show up. But we need to get creative with community building quick.