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WBAI New Radio Play: The Aliens

This Saturday at noon, Eastern Time, WBAI will debut a new radio play called THE ALIENS. This makes me smile.

“The Aliens is centered around a couple, Lily and Tariq. Lily, a 28-year-old marketing executive, whose mother is African-American and whose father is Caucasian of German descent, has a problem identifying with her mother’s heritage. Tariq, an early thirty-something artist, whose family is from Afghanistan, wishes Lily would embrace her African-American heritage and is unnerved by Lily’s pressure to get married. The couple is connected to the rest of the “aliens” characters including the “Humanitarian” Noach, a Dutch aid worker in Afghanistan; Alejandro, an illegal the immigrant from Mexico living in New York City; Thayne, the British drifter and socialite living in Costa Rica; and Dingane, the South African government worker.”

It sounds like William Gibson by way of Naomi Klein. Yum