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I’m Michael ONeil, a Green activist, media engineer, and broadcaster. I’ve lived in New York City since September 2002, my first visit to NYC was on the six month anniversary of 9/11. I’ve spent most of my time here as the media manager for Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping — through a feature film produced by Morgan Spurlock, two albums, seven Buy Nothing Days, and countless street actions, tours, and performances. I did publicity, PR, web publishing, social media evangelizing, I even shot video that ended up airing on Al Jazeera.

More recently, I hooked with the Green Party. I coordinated the successful effort to put our 2008 presidential and vice-presidential candidates on the ballot in New York State, and helped produce events and actions throughout NYC.

In 2009 these worlds collided when Reverend Billy Talen ran as the Green Party candidate for Mayor Of The City Of New York. Our folklore-ic campaign got on the ballot and even Gawker warmed up to us after a while.

I’ve also worked with the lovely Lower Eastside Girls Club, the Writers Guild of America East during the 2007-2008 strike, and helped promote the NYC premiere of Body Of War.

I’m a Green because corporatist, neo-liberal consumer-capitalism is killing communities around the world. We need to reunite radical, progressive issue activism with electoral politics. And it’s fun.

On this blog we’re going to chat about organizing ourselves and communities, have a look at the increasingly bizarre media landscape, and generally try to stay sane while negotiating this situation we call 21st Century America. I adore radio, seitan, and public spaces.