Links From 01/13/2010

[[Richard D. Wolff]] Attacking Public Employees: Will New York Lead?From 2000 to 2010, personal income taxes rose 50%, sales and excise taxes rose 24%, and corporate and business taxes rose the least, 20%.

One reality jumps out from these numbers.  If taxes on corporations and businesses were raised by 50% over what they yielded in 2000 — equaling what happened to New York’s personal income taxes — New York State’s budget would get much healthier.  Such a business tax would generate more new revenue for New York than would be saved by the new governor’s proposed wage freezes and other public employee cutbacks.

When Green Matters Horch and Eder are examples of backyard Greens, whose influence spreads virally through human contact and experience and not through the mass media. … The big parties gave up human relationships long ago. Which is why we have such a hard time relating to them. But you can’t text your way to the presidency, you can’t Facebook a revolution and you can’t save the planet with Twitter. At some point real people have to join with, talk to, and help other real people.

(Unfortunately, the article assumes you can’t be an economic radical and have human connections. While some of our most vocal Marxists have exhibited…anti-social tendancies…I see that more as a side-effect of the marginalization of Left economics than a cause. Who would study Marx, up to this point, besides uber-geeks?)

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